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Sinsational Smile Advanced Teeth Whitening – A ground-breaking system with proven results!

If you have been disappointed with over the counter products, or if previous professional “one hour” dental whitening methods have produced less than desired results, ask our office about the Sinsational Smile whitening methods.  This is the most advanced teeth whitening system available.


So if you want to get your teeth at their whitest, this is the method for you. It involves the use of sillicone trays that are pre-filled with whitening gel.  The jaw will remain comfortable throughout the 20-minute procedure.  An LED light will be used to accelerate the process and whiten the teeth at a faster rate.

Call to make an appointment and let our office fabricate a new smile for you.  New patients can experience the benefits of Sinsational Smile for only $149.  Existing patients can get a better deal by calling us for more details.

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