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Sedation dentistry is a great solution for patients who experience high levels of anxiety at the dentist office. Often called “sleep” dentistry, sedation dentistry involves a form of sedation which is highly relaxing but allows you to remain conscious and communicative.

Patients who would normally avoid treatment altogether or who require long interventions benefit from sedation. Besides making patients more comfortable, sedation affects perception of time making hours seem like minutes and thus making it possible to accomplish procedures in one visit that might otherwise require several visits.

During an initial consultation sedation patients have a health history review and Dr. Pham answers any questions you may have. The sedation then consists of taking a pill the night before your procedure and another pill one hour before your dental appointment. Your vital signs are closely monitored with medical equipment in our office during your sedation.

For safety you are not allowed to operate machinery or drive while under sedation so be sure and plan on having a friend or family member escort you to an from your appointment.

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