Partial Dentures Chula Vista


A removable partial denture (or RPD) is an option for replacing multiple missing teeth and is a good option for patients who cannot receive a bridge. Adjacent teeth are prepared to help hold the denture framework and dental impressions are made during a first visit.

Then a metal framework, record base to hold the replacement teeth, and replacement teeth are custom made at a dental lab to precisely fit your mouth. During subsequent visits the denture is fitted and checked for perfect adjustment.

The denture can easily be taken out and put back in to allow for easy cleaning and for sleeping. The team at the Center for Beautiful Smiles are the destination for patients seeking quality Chula Vista Partial Dentures.

Dr. Pham has years of experience constructing beautiful, natural looking dentrues that will restore missing or damaged teeth.

Missing Teeth: Removable partial denture (RPD)


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