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If you are missing several teeth from injury, tooth decay, or disease, your dental health may be compromised. Having all of your teeth allows you to speak clearly, enjoy your food with a completely functional bite, and smile with full confidence.

Having several missing teeth can be a distraction and lead to discomfort in social settings. You do have solutions available if you happen to lose multiple teeth. They can be replaced by dental implants, which prevent the need to make any alterations to existing teeth.

Tooth deterioration is an inevitable natural process that can cause the teeth to become worn down. Even with a healthy diet and exercise routine, the teeth ultimately deteriorate, become chipped, or cracked. The loss of multiple teeth can be resolved with fixed bridges.

Fixed bridges are anchored by dental implants. They contain all the teeth in once place and are alternatives to removable partial dentures. The implants will be inserted the jawbone first, this can be completed in a single session. A temporary bridge will be placed at the same time, this allows for regular functions to be completed. The implants will need 1-2 months to be fully integrated with the jawbone.

After the ‘osseointegration’ process has completed, the jawbone will be able to receive the permanent bridge. Treatment time will vary depending on the amount of teeth affected and level of aesthetic need. The bridges are built to handle the regular pressure your natural teeth are accustomed too. You will enjoy stable and strong teeth that will help you eat and speak effectively again.

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