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Meet Dr. Parul Shridhar

Meet Dr. Parul Shridhar

Dr. Parul Shridhar has earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to that, she had practiced dentistry in Australia for six years. Having lived in different countries, she brings her varied cultural and life experiences that she loves to share with her patients. Dr. Shridhar has been practicing dentistry since 2006.

Dr. Shridhar is married with two children and settled in San Diego. Patients can expect Dr. Shridhar to be honest and empathetic. She is committed to taking care of her patients with compassion and dignity. With her astute clinical skill set, she makes her patients feel at ease and that they are in good hands. She puts her patients first and in their best interest. Dr. Shridhar always strives for excellence in creating beautiful and healthy smiles for each and every patient. The staff and Dr. Pham are excited to have Dr. Parul Shridhar join our dental team at the Center for Beautiful Smiles.

Dr. Shridhar is a current member of the San Diego County Dental Society, California Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.

If you have any clinical questions or concerns, you can reach Dr. Shridhar via email at and she will be delighted to assist you in any way she can.

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