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Prevent Dentures From Falling Out and Enjoy Stable, Healthy Teeth

Loose dentures can make a significant impact on your health and life. If they begin to de-stabilize, the dentures can slip out of position. Without dentures, eating and speaking can be twice as difficult. The aesthetic distraction can also affect confidence and willingness to smile in public.

If you are having difficulties maintaining your dentures in place and need a more permanent solution, you can schedule a visit to Dr. Pham’s office, one of the best locations in Chula Vista for the treatment of loose dentures. Dental implants are a fantastic option in resolving the problems caused by loose dentures.

The dental implant posts are inserted into the jaw and provide a secure anchor for the dentures. They provide a similar function to a real tooth and allow the positioning of the dentures to stabilize. Dental implants remove the need for glue, provide a stronger and firmer bite, prevent dentures from slipping out of place, eliminate the embarrassment of slipping dentures, and reduce speech impediment.

After the implants are affixed to the jaw, there is no need for further treatment. This is a one-time permanent solution that helps you keep your dentures on for a long period of time. To see how dental implants can work specifically for your teeth, call us today and set up your complimentary consultation.

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