How Dental Bonding Improves Your Smile


Dental bonding is part of a popular series of cosmetic dentistry that patients refer to in improving the look of their smile. There remain a number of patients who wish to know how dental bonding specifically helps their smile. Dentist in Chula Vista, Dr. Pham and his team have answers as to how dental bonding makes smiles brighter.

The Procedure

Dental bonding treatment consists of a resin material that is durable and tooth-colored. The dentist applies it to the teeth using soft material that will eventually harden under a special light. The material is bonded to the teeth and prepped for a shaping and polishing procedure.

The benefits of dental bonding include filling in large spaces, added protection for roots, and aesthetic improvements to discolored teeth. The bonding process can also shape and make teeth appear to look younger. The aesthetic and practical improvements enable dental bonding to be a common procedure of smile makeovers.

At Center for Beautiful Smiles, we perform dental bonding in addition to other popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. These include teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, and Lumineers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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