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Dentures are an option to restore multiple missing teeth. Precise impressions of your mouth are made and used by a dental lab to construct a “record base” which is fitted with replicas of your teeth.

The record base is adjusted to fit perfectly over your gums and matches the way your upper and lower jaws fit together. It is held in place by the surrounding hard and soft tissues and can be easily removed for cleaning, or as necessary.

A variation of the technique exists as well where the record base is snapped on securely via implants. As with other dentures it is designed to be removed as needed.

Dr. Young Pham and his team at the Center for Beautiful Smiles have decades of experience creating quality, natural looking dentures. Call our office today at (619) 500-8212 to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about your denture options.

Missing Teeth: Full denture


Missing Teeth: Implant (bar-supported denture)


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