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When a single tooth is lost, a porcelain fused to metal bridge is one way to replace the missing tooth. The teeth on either side of the empty space are prepared to receive crowns, then a restoration which spans the empty space like a bridge is fitted over the teeth — hence the name.

The treatment requires two visits. The first is to make impressions of your teeth for the dental lab and to apply a temporary bridge.

When the dental lab has finished making your bridge a second visit is scheduled to remove the temporary bridge and apply the permanent bridge. Bridges can be done with the help of sedation dentistry.

Dr. Young Pham also recommends patients missing teeth also consider dental implants. Please call our team at the Center or Beautiful Smiles at (619) 421-2155 to schedule a complimentary consultation to dissuades potential treatment options.

Missing Tooth: Bridge


Missing Tooth: Maryland Bridge


Missing Tooth: Cantilever Bridge


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