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Six Month Powerprox Braces are an innovative orthodontic technique that shorten the braces treatment to correct your smile in six months or less.

Though braces are a reliable method of straightening teeth, they take a long time to do their work. The typical course of braces treatment runs one year and a half to two years. If you’re looking for a way to straighten your teeth in just six months while avoiding the intrusiveness of traditional braces, you’ve found the solution in Six Month Powerprox Braces.

How do Powerprox Braces differ from standard braces?

Standard braces use a highly visible network of metal brackets and wires to move your teeth. Powerprox Braces use a special type of wire with shape memory. The wire is always trying to return to its original shape, which moves your teeth gradually over time. The amount of pressure involved is much less than standard braces, which decreases the discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.


They are excellent for teeth that are crowded together, overlapped, or have spaces between them. The Powerprox Braces are faster, often more cost-effective, and usually less uncomfortable than conventional metal braces.

Also, while traditional braces correct all of your front and back teeth, Powerprox Braces correct only the teeth that are visible while you smile, typically just the front teeth. This is the reason they take so much less time than traditional braces, but it does mean that if you are suffering from jaw pain or serious malpositioning in your back teeth, you should consider full orthodontic treatment. Powerprox Braces are intended mostly for adult patients who simply need a smile adjustment.

Are Powerprox Braces less visible than standard braces?

That is one of the main advantages of Powerprox Braces. The wires and brackets are clear and nearly invisible, unlike the complex hardware of standard braces. In some cases, we can even place lingual braces, which correct your teeth from the back, so the treatment will be completely unnoticeable.

Will I still need to wear a retainer with Powerprox Braces?

Retainers are necessary for any type of orthodontic treatment. But the retainers associated with Powerprox braces are made of the same clear, invisible material as the braces themselves. We can also place a splinted retainer, which, like lingual braces, is bonded behind your teeth. While you will lose the flexibility of a removable retainer, you won’t have to worry about taking out and putting in your retainer every day.

The technique involves the cosmetic repositioning of teeth that affect the smile, rather than correcting how back teeth come together like traditional 2 to 3 year orthodontics do. (Because of this, they are considered an adult treatment.) Their transparency and natural-colored elastics make them less visible and more esthetically pleasing.

Powerprox Braces use Ni-Ti wires with “shape memory” which exert a continuous, gentle force to return to their original shape. This gentle pressure moves the teeth to their new positions. Because the force is gentle, the discomfort associated with tooth movement is no more — and sometimes less — noticeable than conventional orthodontics.

In more severe crowding situations, the technique requires gentle polishing or inter-proximal reduction of teeth called Reprox.  It is a very conservative, painless way to help alleviate crowding and create the space necessary for a beautiful smile.

The Center for Beautiful Smiles is proud to offer Powerprox Braces to all patients in the Chula Vista area. Not every dentist’s office offers this special treatment, so take advantage of this great opportunity. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Pham, associates, and learn about how Powerprox braces can improve your smile.

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