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Orthodontics is the name for the treatment that seeks to create a healthy bite. A good bite means you have straight teeth that properly meet the teeth on the opposite jaw.

Having a good bite makes it easier to bite, speak, and chew and is part of the overall health of your jaw and mouth. Braces and aligners are used to guide teeth into the proper position when they are misaligned, crowded, spaced too far, or do not meet at all.

Retainers are used to retain and stabilize your teeth in position after the end of your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics can be helpful for both children and adults.

At the Center we offer a number of orthodontic options including traditional metal and Invisalign (“invisible”) braces.  If you are concerned about your bite or curious to know about whether you or your children can benefit from orthodontic work call today and request a free braces consultation with Dr. Pham.

He is always happy to discuss your options with you. You can also visit our dental videos page for many informative short videos on orthodontics.

Braces: How braces are applied


Braces: Braces to align teeth


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