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Lumineers are a revolutionary way to transform your smile. Similar to veneers in their beauty but with none of the lengthy preparation and grinding away of tooth structure, Lumineers are custom-designed to fit over your existing teeth or dental work.

The patented porcelain Cerinate is ultra thin, highly translucent, and perfectly color-matched to your face for a completely natural look that can transform your appearance. Stained, chipped, crooked and misshapen teeth can be stunningly corrected in just 2 painless appointments.

No shots, no drilling or grinding! Because the procedure leaves the tooth intact you retain the integrity of your dental structure.

In some cases Lumineers can even replace braces! The results are transformative, durable and long-lasting.

If you want more information about these “instant orthodontics / instant whiteners ” call our office for a Lumineers consultation. We would be happy to tell you about them and all of your options for a beautiful, custom smile.

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