Iveri Teeth Whitening



Iveri Teeth Whitening

The Iveri whitening method delivers fantastic results that leave a glimmering bright smile.

Over the counter products can produce less than desirable results, that is why Iveri is here to help you look better, younger, and more confident in no more than 20 minutes. A whiter smile can become yours through the most comfortable cosmetic procedures.

The Iveri whitening method uses a patented silicone tray that is pre-filled with bleaching gel. The tray stablizes the jaw and maintains your comfort. An LED light is then used to activate the gel, which begins to eliminate years of staining and produces a whiter smile in 20 minutes.
Following the treatment, you will be provided with a take-home maintenance pen to ensure your new smile remains bright for a long time!

New patients will be available to enjoy Iveri treatments for only $149. Existing patients can get a better deal by calling and asking for more details.

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