6 Month Powerprox Braces Chula Vista


6 Month Powerprox Braces are an innovative orthodontic technique that shorten the braces treatment to correct your smile in six months or less.

They are excellent for teeth that are crowded together, overlapped, or have spaces between them. The Powerprox Braces are faster, often more cost-effective, and usually less uncomfortable than conventional metal braces.
The technique involves the cosmetic repositioning of teeth that affect the smile, rather than correcting how back teeth come together like traditional 2 to 3 year orthodontics do. (Because of this, they are considered an adult treatment.) Their transparency and natural-colored elastics make them less visible and more esthetically pleasing.

Powerprox Braces use Ni-Ti wires with “shape memory” which exert a continuous, gentle force to return to their original shape. This gentle pressure moves the teeth to their new positions. Because the force is gentle, the discomfort associated with tooth movement is no more — and sometimes less — noticeable than conventional orthodontics.

In more severe crowding situations, the technique requires gentle polishing or inter-proximal reduction of teeth called Reprox.  It is a very conservative, painless way to help alleviate crowding and create the space necessary for a beautiful smile.

Because they are so easy to wear, and work so quickly, 6 Month Powerprox Braces are fast becoming the orthodontics of choice for many adult patients.

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